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Power Over One Thing

Hello Friends,

The last couple of weeks have been laden with fraught silence. In my previous post I wrote about the exciting news that an editor was interested in one of my stories. Since then I’ve rewritten the story, including the edits suggested by the editor. I resubmitted it and…no word. Not a peep. I know editors are busy. I know I’m not the only one they are considering for this project, but…oh, my aching heart. Honestly, it is difficult to concentrate on other projects while this unanswered question hangs in the air. Obviously, it’s a good problem to have, I’m not complaining. But the waiting is excruciating. And even though I know this is part of the game, it’s uncomfortable.

In a way, this situation has forced me into discipline and acceptance. It’s a great illustration of the serenity prayer—accepting the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. And so I’ve been exercising power over the one thing in my power: writing every day. There are too many variables out there, and even though I might want to control them all, I can’t. I’m a mere human in a huge universe, and my area of control is quite small. However, that small area of control has actually gotten me this far…

And so, I breathe. I write. I breathe some more, and wait.


When concentrating on a lengthy, difficult project, I sometimes have to put it down, loosen up and have fun. To clear my head, I sometimes like to write quickly, let words flow and see where they take me. The little scene below was inspired by the photo I took (above) while on a walk in the woods. Can you see the ghost that drifted into my view? It caused a rainbow across the second tree trunk from the right. There might be a scientific explanation for that visual disturbance, but I prefer to think it was a ghost. :)

Jasper and Olivia - a sketch

“In a golden field of grasses Jasper waved his hands towards the cold, bright sky. He circled them around until sparks flew from his fingertips. He concentrated on his desire and chanted:

‘Spirit of Olivia,

friend, close to my heart,

incline your head, and listen, dear,

though we are now apart;

push past the veil that blinds our eyes,

the mysteries that hold us,

I do entreat you, be thou spry,

and do not be capricious!

Come visit me upon on the earth,

so we may dance and kiss,

Descend into mortality,

and fill my life with bliss!’

The sparks lifted into the air appearing like drifting stars above the waving grasses. Jasper whispered his incantation again and again, thrusting meaning into every syllable so the ghost would hear him.

Frosty, autumn breezes spiced the air, and a mist appeared above the brushy hill. It followed the wind, entangled itself between the dried stalks. Rays from the sun caught the sparkling droplets, cradling them long enough to induce a rainbow. Jasper smiled.

‘Olivia? Is it you?’

The mist shaped itself into a girl, her dress dazzling in varied hues in the sunlight. She sauntered from between the grasses, the whoosh of her dress mimicking the wind. She stood in front of Jasper on the cliff.

‘Your powers are progressing,’ she said. ‘I heard you loud and clear this time.’

The mist-girl, Olivia, solidified, but her flesh glimmered with color, still.

‘Take my hand,’ said Jasper, his heart swelling at the sight of his friend.”


I hope you enjoyed this little romp with me. Ah, I needed a break! And now, after a little dinner, back to work.

Until next time, breathe, and cuddle up to patience. :) Enjoy the rest of the week!


*All rights reserved.

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