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Close To Dark


Seventeen year old Alida, born to an angel mother and vampire father, wants to accompany her mother on healing and helping missions in their forgotten, run down New York City neighborhood. With no explanation, she is restricted to their block. Alida has never known her father, and her mother isn’t answering any questions. But when her mother disappears in white flames, Alida is left without access to the ‘pink drink,’ a potion that quells her bloodlust. Without it, her father’s lineage begins to burn inside.


Thirsty, and for the first time, feeling her vampire nature rise, Alida sets out to find her father, hoping he knows what might have happened to her mother. Along the way she meets Pup, a white witch, and his sister, Sara, who claim Alida is The Gloamkind, a special child meant to stop a great evil.


But time is running out. Her vampire side wants blood, and soon the human relationships she cherishes become threatened. The scent of war is in the air, and when Alida uncovers a family secret, she must decide if blood is worth the price of her friends, a boy named Evan, and her soul. *Recommended for readers 15 and up.


Close To Dark is the first book in Jan M. Alexander’s exciting new vampire series. If you like magical adventure, engaging urban fantasy, whimsical witches, angelic detectives and dark supernatural forces, then you’ll love this new tale about addiction, loss and the healing powers of friendship and love.


Praise for Close To Dark: “A thrilling urban fantasy about a young woman’s struggle to traverse the needle-thin path between the forces of dark and light, between vampires and angels, between bloodlust and love—this one is not to be missed!” ~ Carolyn MacCullough, author of ONCE A WITCH

"Inspiration can come from anywhere, a lacy frost pattern on a leaf or a recently read myth. Once I get an idea, I jot down notes and do some research. I also keep a journal. I love journals and collect them! I wish I could turn all my ideas into stories, but sometimes ideas don't develop into viable stories. When they do, it’s wonderful! The rush of a first draft is my favorite part of writing!"~ Jan M. Alexander

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